Sunday, February 21, 2010

Plaxo versus LinkedIn

These two sites are quite similar however I am partial to the Linked In site. I have been on LinkedIn for quite some time now and have recently begun to use the site more often with my current professional role. One of the things I noticed right away was just how many more users there are with LinkedIn as opposed to Plaxo. Also the ability to join groups and instantly upload a resume to your profile is a nice draw I did not find readily available with Plaxo. Honestly since taking this technology course I have begun to realize that you can never be too connected so using both sites is a definite.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I used the podcast directory with ITUNES. I immediatley subscribed to Bill Simmons with ESPN as I think his work is awesome. I also subscribed to the power of applied kinesiology. This was with Blogtalkradio. I think it will be good to listen to people who are already in the field and the way that our program of choice is articulated. Exposure is key and the more of these podcasts I can find and begin to subscribe to the better.

Library Thing

This is a great site to find and share books that will be helpful in my career. I tagged a few of my favorites but I can also envision myself using this for specific situations. By that i mean if I am playing a team that runs a certain scheme I can come here for more info on that scheme or for more info on how to attack that scheme. It is quick and esay which is what the web is all about .

Image Generator

I have a tool like this on my Sprint phone that allows me to doctor my camera photos. I was not aware that there was this much of an internet presence for this type of thing. I found the fototrix site to be nice because it was free. I checked a few of the others as well but this site seemed to be one of the easier ones to use. Definitely something my son was interested in after I showed him an image of Lightning McQueen.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Comments on previous post

Just found this interesting as I had previously received a form of this taping thru my chiropractor. Working out I had strained my rotator cuff and with this taping method the pain subsided and I was able to keep lifting. Had I felt like paying 30 bucks a visit i probably would have never stopped working out. Go figure.

Kinesiology taping

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You Tube

I have been a user of You Tube for quite sometime and have always loved the fact that the sight is so easy to use. The search options and the variety of things available on this site are second to none and it is very easy to see why this site has taken off. IT offers uses for both social and professional needs and I could see a coach putting a highlight tape on the site and also picking up pointers from a "how to video". I suspect overtime this site will begin to limit its free content and it is the only thing I see as a negative for the future of YouTube.


I found this site to be even more useful than the Delicious site. This site gives you an up to date list of what is going on in the blogosphere and to me is a very valuable tool. I relate this to my current role in the corporate world and one of the things I am charge with doing is implying the importance of the Internet to my customers. We talk about SEO and google searches and how to be "top of mind" and this site shows the results of those who use the blog to their advantage. I was shocked at the difference in posts to blogs. Quite interesting.

I think if a person really understands a site like this it could be valuable for a classroom setting. The ability to check on popular tags and things that are being widely read is something that seems to set this site apart for students and thus teachers as well. All of the sites that we have been exposed to thus far have similarities but the differences in the sights is what makes them valuable tools.