Sunday, January 31, 2010

Technology In PE

The fact is that many of the advances that we are currently discovering are already being used in the coaching world. Twitter, facebook, and the use of blogs are many ways that coaches contact recruits. The things I find interesting are how coaches can use these tools to bounce things off of counterparts as well and how a coaching clinic can basically be completed in the virtual world.

Another prime example is the fact that games are now recorded in multiple formats. Gone are the dyas of the VHS tape with the trainer taping from the top row of the stands. An exmaple of this si when the teams here in WI make the NCAA tourney they have game film of their opponent within hours via the Milwaukee bukcs and their extensive DVD scouting collection. ZThis use to eb a 3 day turnaround and now it is complete in minutes.

WEB 2.0

One of the sites I went to was and this site is a great tool for anyone involved with physical education. It really allows people to document their workout plans, share, exercises, and even create workout teams. A great tool with everything moving to the web.


This was quite new to me as throughout my undergrad and professional career I have only used Microsoft Word. I guess with the dominance of the Microsoft office suite of products I never even thought that there would be a different service to use. The compatibility of this service with other programs like excel and the ability to invite others to check your documents is huge. Definitely something I will be using going forward.


I had some previous experience with being subscribed to certain websites but nothing to this extent. I should not be shocked but it is still quite amazing that such a range of information and content can be delivered to me everyday. I plan on really using this as a means to stay up to date in the areas that interest me both personally and professionally.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Technology In PE

I found the reading to be quite interesting. The piece by Baird and Fisher spoke of how initially and even still online learning was frowned upon because of a lcak of interaction. Maybe its just me but I have been using online studies for over four years and find them far superior to in class learning. The ability to do things at my pace is huge. The piece by Kajewski was also really interesting. Having already purchased eBooks for some of my previous classes it was enlightening to see how libraries are adapting on the fly and trying to stay relevant. Finally the piece on Social networking was great in that it really pointed out how this was nto a new concept. The unique part now is the ease and speed with which people can connect.

Here is a picture of my son's first Brewer game. He has not stopped asking to go back since.

Instant Replay in sports

With a big weekend of NFL action I thought it was funny to find out that there are some instant replay booths in NCAA football and NCAA basketball that do not use the HD technology available. With all of the advances in technology the fact that these games which generate great revenue for the institutions are being officiated and possibly decided with antiquated technology. IF you could watch the SuperBowl in HD or digital which would you choose? Should these sports really be decided without using all of the technology available?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Congrats go out to the Defensive Player of the Year...Charles Woodson. This guy is what being a Packer is all about. Best sign from the past season: " 3/4 of the world is covered by water...the rest is covered by Charles Woodson."

Welcome to My World

Hola, Hello, Welcome to the Banter that is BC. BC stands for Bryan Clayton and I plan on giving you a glimpse of everything that is my life. Today is Wednesday January 12th, 3 days AD. That is 3 days after the death of the Packers in one of the worst losses this franchise has ever seen. Here in WI the packers are more than just a team, they are life. I know many people in this state who are still dazed and confused from the way it all ended and while there were bright spots it still will be a long off season. Here's hoping that guy named Brent chokes come Sunday so things can return to normalcy.

I am hoping this blog will give you some insight into what makes a Midwest fan and in particualr a WI fan tick. We have different values than most fans and this a both a blessing and a curse. Oh well. Opening Day for the Brewers is only 81 days away. Bring on Spring!!!