Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome to My World

Hola, Hello, Welcome to the Banter that is BC. BC stands for Bryan Clayton and I plan on giving you a glimpse of everything that is my life. Today is Wednesday January 12th, 3 days AD. That is 3 days after the death of the Packers in one of the worst losses this franchise has ever seen. Here in WI the packers are more than just a team, they are life. I know many people in this state who are still dazed and confused from the way it all ended and while there were bright spots it still will be a long off season. Here's hoping that guy named Brent chokes come Sunday so things can return to normalcy.

I am hoping this blog will give you some insight into what makes a Midwest fan and in particualr a WI fan tick. We have different values than most fans and this a both a blessing and a curse. Oh well. Opening Day for the Brewers is only 81 days away. Bring on Spring!!!


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  1. Bryan -I imagine other Packer fans will come to your side to comfort you. Good luck with the Brewers.